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Sababa   (adjective | ṣabāba)

The word, “sababa,” is a popular slang term used in Hebrew and Arabic that conveys satisfaction and contentment, best manifested by the internationally recognized symbol of a “thumbs up”.


Sababa is the feeling our patrons experience when they bite into a falafel sandwich loaded with unique and delicious salads, pickles and sauces, or sip a cold beer after work with friends. Our novel concept brings Middle Eastern street food to the public, using the highest quality ingredients presented in a thoughtfully designed atmosphere. Our goal is to bring the pita sandwich and falafel into the mainstream of US cuisine. 

who we are

Guy Eshel, Chef / Owner

Inspired by the bold flavors and fresh ingredients from his childhood, Guy decided to bring Israeli street food to the Bay Area. Guy is a graduate from the nation’s premier culinary school, the Culinary Institute of America, and has several years of experience cooking in some of the top kitchens in San Francisco.

Matt Semmelhack, Mercer Restaurant Group

Joining Guy is Matt Semmelhack, a Princeton University graduate and founder of Mercer Restaurant Group.

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